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Medical Marijuana Card Certification Centers of Florida was founded by a holistic primary care doctor who was working in an internal medicine office. He was seeing 20-30 patients per day and was routinely prescribing, as part of the full standard of care, opiates and benzodiazepines. The patients who were prescribed these medications were often the most stressful part of every day.
As a result of these concerns, he started exploring options. He moonlighted in Medical Marijuana certification centers briefly. There he discovered 2 things.

  1. Medical marijuana patients do not generally exhibit “addict” behavior. They are typically well educated, engaged in their own health, and wanting to avoid drug therapy. In fact, he saw more opiate and benzodiazepine dose reduction and cessation with medical marijuana than he had ever seen in 10 years of practice.
  2. Medical marijuana is remarkably effective in reducing symptoms and disease process for the vast majority of the patients who have qualifying conditions, and even for many conditions that are not approved, such as insomnia.

As a result of these experiences, he opened Medical Marijuana Card Certification Centers of Florida for two reasons:

  1. To facilitate legitimate patients who qualify for medical marijuana getting convenient access to the medicine that will cause the least harm and do the most good.
  2. To make sure that these patients get real care from a real doctor who cares.